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Habitat for Humanity
South University School of Pharmacy’s SSHP chapter will be volunteering this spring for Habitat for Humanity by helping at the construction sites. Habitat for Humanity is a volunteer-driven organization to help those families in need. As pharmacy students, we strive to make a difference not only in the healthcare field but also in the local community. 

Health Screenings
Health Screenings are an important key in improving and impacting patient health. This coming April, two groups (ASHP-SSHP & NCPA) from South University School of Pharmacy will be teaming up to provide a health screening for the Savannah Community. The event will take place on April 30 at St. Joseph’s/Candler Hospital to benefit African-American Health Information & Health Fair. We will be providing many services including: Blood Pressure Screenings, Blood Glucose Screenings, BMI Readings, and an Immunization Screening.

Interview Skills & Tips
In January, Mr. Gus Thompson, director of Career Services for South University in Savannah, GA, spoke with the SSHP students about residency and employment interviewing. Mr. Thompson offered our students tips on what to expect at an interview, how to answer questions that may be asked and how to follow up after the interview has concluded. He also gave our members an extensive list of possible questions that may be asked at an interview and explained his role in tracking down job leads and distributing them to the students at South University upon graduation from their fields of study.

Parent University
Four times each year, our chapter at South University supports a community education initiative called Parent University. The main objective of this event is to “maximize student learning by creating a strong bridge between the community and the school.” Classes are available to educate parents on topics like coping with a loved one, computer operating, understanding investments, and raising a reader. South University SSHP members contribute to the objective by offering free health screenings and counseling services. Those in attendance are able to have their blood glucose, blood pressure, and BMI measured, after which students are available to interpret the results, help establish goals, and provide individualized tips for securing those goals. Empowering parents with this knowledge increases health awareness from which each member of the household benefits. Additional Information regarding Parent University can be found at:

Pharmacy Career Options in Health-Systems

In November, our SSHP chapter was offered an in-depth presentation on career opportunities available to pharmacists within the health-systems setting. Dr. Peter Bulatao, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice at South University School of Pharmacy in Savannah, GA, shared with our students about his involvement in health-systems pharmacy with the United States Army, as well as the multitude of other opportunities available upon licensure. Our students found it extremely helpful for helping in determining the path they will choose to follow upon graduation and many used it as a tool to seek out residency programs in their area of interest. 

Residency Q&A
A residency Q&A session was held by South University School of Pharmacy’s current PGY-2 residents, Dr. Meyer and Dr. Hinton. Insight and helpful tips were provided for several important aspects in the application process. A few of those included proper elements of a letter of intent and curriculum vitae, PhORCAS components, interviewing skills and the new match process. They also explained the benefits of attending ASHP Midyear. It was especially beneficial from the student’s perspective because Dr. Meyer and Dr. Hinton were able to answer questions based on their experience through the process. 


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