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Call for Nominations-2018















The Committee on Nominations-2018 is pursuing members who wish to get or stay active and involved in GSHP. These candidates should exhibit qualities of leadership, vision and professional awareness that will sustain the enterprising and pioneering spirit that has characterized GSHP.


WHO: Any pharmacist member of GSHP.


WHAT: Submit your name or another GSHP member's name to the Committee on Nominations for consideration as a candidate for the following offices:






New Practitioner


District Directors-elect for:


SE Georgia (Savannah, Statesboro, Brunswick, etc)

S Metro West Georgia (McDonough, Stickbridge, Griffin, Peachtree City)

SW Georgia (Albany, Tifton, Thomasville, etc)

Central Savannah River District (Augusta area)

Central Georgia District (Macon, Warner Robins, Dublin area)

NW Georgia (Cobb County, Rome, Dalton, etc)

NE GA Metro (North Atlanta, DeKalb Co.)

Chattahoochee (Columbus, LaGrange area)



President Elect: The President-elect serves as a member of the Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Board of Directors and as a non-voting ex-officio member of all standing committees and ad hoc bodies of the GSHP Board. Perform the duties of the President in the President's absence. Monitor progress of committees and individuals in addressing issues identified and charges assigned from the planning retreats. Succeeds to the offices of President and Chairman of the Board. Your term of office would be from August 2018 to August 2019 as President-elect; August 2019 to August 2020 as President and August 2020 to August 2021 as Chair of the Board.


Secretary: The Secretary shall keep and maintain an accurate record of the meetings of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, the Membership of the Corporation and such other GSHP activities as the Board of Directors may direct.  The Secretary shall give all notices required by law and shall have authority to affix the corporate seal to any requiring it and attest thereto by his/her signature.  The term of office is from August 2018 to August 2021


New Practitioner member of the Board of Directors:  Must have graduated in last 7 years.  This position works with the board to represent the views of new practitioners in our discussions and decision-making processes.  The term of office from August 2018 to August 2020.


District Directors: In addition to representing membership from the local district as a voting member of the Board, the District Directors serve as membership liaison and coordinate local continuing education programming for GSHP. You would serve as district director elect from August 2018 to August 2019, and District Director from August 2019 to August 2021. 


WHERE: Submit names for consideration to: The Committee Nominations - 2018, c/o



When: Before March 31, 2018


WHY: The future of our profession needs the participation and contribution of its leaders.



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